Single-Leg Workout for Core and Lower Body

Got a broken foot and still want to rock your lower body and core? I have just the single-leg workout for you! Don’t worry- if you’ve got two working feet, you’re in luck because you can do it too! 

Got a broken foot and still want to rock your lower body and core? I have just the single-leg workout for you! Don't worry- if you've got two working feet, you're in luck because you can do it too!

Man does a boot on one of your legs make working out a challenge. A challenge that I have completely CRUSHED over the past 4 weeks! I’ve been lucky to have access to great trainers such as Lindsey from Nourish Move Love and Drew from PEC, who are extremely innovative and have helped me modify workouts to get a good burn.

I’ve obviously increased my upper-body workouts because I have two working arms, but don’t worry- I haven’t just forgotten about lower body! There is actually so much that you can do with just 1 leg. Plus- lucky for me, I am able to put weight in my heel, which has allowed me to be able to incorporate some bodyweight lower body exercises.

For this workout, I worked with Lindsey to create a single-leg workout for those that can put NO WEIGHT in one of their legs. For those that have 2 legs- just repeat on the other side! It mixes strength exercises with plyometrics, so that you can build muscle and get your heart rate up at the same time. Just my cup of tea.


Single Leg Workout for Lower Body and Core

Instructions: Do 15 reps per strength exercise + 10 reps per HIIT exercise, repeat each circuit x 4 sets {2 sets on each leg}, before moving onto the next circuit.

Equipment: Bodyweight


Interval One

  • 15 Reps Single-Leg Plank + Leg Lift
  • 10 Reps Single-Leg Burpee

Interval Two

  • 15 Reps Warrior 3 + Standing Crunch
  • 10 Reps Single-Leg Deadlift Hops

Interval Three

  •  15 Reps Speed Skater + Oblique Crunch
  • 10 Reps Single-Leg Plank Hops

Interval Four

  • 15 Reps Single-Leg Crunch + Donkey Kick
  • 10 Reps Single-Leg Speed Lunges

Interval Five

  • 15 Reps Single-Leg Glute Bridge + Toe Touch
  • 10 Reps Single-Leg Jump Ropes
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