40 Minute Cardio Climb Workout + Healthy Glow Guide Recap – Week 6

I know I know, I finished up the Healthy Glow Guide Week 6 about 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten a chance to post about it because of my travels. I basically went right from Chicago to Milwaukee for a week to home for a few days to Denver for a weekend to Phoenix (more on my Phoenix trip tomorrow!)! When I was in Chicago and Milwaukee I was able to cook from the guide (YAY) for my mom and Mark and each of them loved every second of it. I also did all three workouts (double YAY) because I don’t have a gym membership in either place. Twas fantastic to have access to kick-ass workouts that only take 45 minutes to do!


Week 6 has to be one of my favorite weeks of eats inside of the Healthy Glow Guide. It includes one of FFF’s most famous recipes- Banana Berry Baked Oatmeal, which I absolutely adore and haven’t made in a while. This is one of those recipes that I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it’s so good. I love topping mine with a scoop of nut butter and fresh berries :D. Mark loved it to…just saying. Week 6 also includes Monique’s Blackened Salmon Tacos, which are fab, and FFF’s Spinach Quinoa Lasagna recipe (ALL THE CHEESE). I love all of these recipes because they are so satisfying. When I look at other meal plans all I see are leafy greens and raw veggies, which aren’t super appealing to eat all day every day. While the HGG does include this stuff, our recipes are satisfying and wholesome. Other recipes from this week include Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Honey Jalapeno Cornbread Chicken Tamale Pie, Almond Flour Brownies, and Better Than Chipotle DIY Burrito Bowls.

Healthy Glow Guide Recap - Week 6

Photos from CheekyTzatziki, Ambitious Kitchen, and Fit Foodie Finds ^^


Like I mentioned above, I’ve been traveling like a crazy person. Sometimes, I don’t even have access to a real gym. That’s why I love the Healthy Glow Guide so much! I can mix these workouts into my every week routine and then do them all when I travel. Week 6 was ass kicking. Double Down has to be one of my favorite formats. It’s a timed, circuit-based workout that mixes strength training and plyometrics. Week 6’s Double Down workout included: goblet squats, reverse lunges, single-leg deadlifts, lateral lunges, jump squats, lateral lunge jacks, and split jumps. HOLY LOWER BODY. I love ending a workout feeling completely breathless and drenched in sweat! Week 6 also includes a pretty amazing bodyweight workout, which is what I did when I was traveling in Denver. It’s a coming down the latter workout, which means you simply drop a rep each round starting at 10 and ending at 1. Anyone else find it super difficult to find good bodyweight workouts these days?

If you still haven’t purchased the Healthy Glow Guide, you truly are missing out! I thought I would share a similar workout that you will find inside of the Healthy Glow Guide. It was designed by our partner trainer, Lindsey from Nourish Move Love. If you know anything about Linds, you know she doesn’t mess around when it comes to workouts! It’s a 40 minute cardio climb that mixes steady state cardio with strength training AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible). I’ve done this workout many times by switching up the strength moves to give variation!

Do this 40 minute cardio climb workout and mix steady state cardio with strength training AMRAP circuits!

40 Minute Cardio Climb Workout

Equipment: Gym workout with access to cardio equipment (treadmill, row machine, stair stepper) and medium to heavy set of dumbbells.

Description: This cardio + strength workout consists of 3 circuits. Each circuit has a cardio interval paired with two strength exercises. Complete each cardio interval and strength exercise for time or number or reps outlined below.


  • 8 minutes cardio of choice {run/row/stair-stepper}
  • 12 Reps: Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press
  • 12 Reps: Push Up + Renegade Row

^^Repeat above strength exercises AMRAP for 8 minutes

1 Minute Rest


  • 6 minutes cardio of choice {run/row/stair-stepper}
  • 20 Reps: Goblet Squats
  • 20 Reps: Lateral Lunges

^^Repeat above strength exercises AMRAP for 6 minutes

1 Minute Rest


  • 4 minutes cardio of choice {run/row/stair-stepper}
  • 12 Reps: Single Leg Glute Bridge + Toe Touch (12 reps per leg)
  • 12 Reps: Plank Pointers

^^Repeat above strength exercises AMRAP for 4 minutes


The Healthy Glow Guide is a 6-week balanced food and fitness plan dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to feel and look incredible. We combined take-anywhere workouts with deliciously satisfying recipes to bring you the last plan you’ll ever need – one that’s flexible to meet the demands of your unique lifestyle and customizable to your personal preferences. At $64, this lifestyle program is a STEAL and a game changer for creating healthy habits in 2017! We just released a FREE 2-day preview of the guide, so that you can see first hand how amazing it is. Download it HERE today. 

Healthy Glow Guide - a balanced, flexible food and fitness program by The Healthy Glow Collective.


  • 6 weeks of deliciously satisfying, nutritionally balanced meal plans (with daily treats!)
  • Weekly grocery list organized by recipe
  • 16, 30-minute workouts and weekly workout schedule
  • All content developed in partnership with a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer
  • Video demonstrations of each move
  • Photo demonstrations of each move that can be saved to your phone and taken with you
  • Private Facebook group to connect with our team and other women completing the program

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