Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie

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This super creamy blueberry cheesecake protein smoothie tastes just like your favorite blueberry cheesecake! Plus, it packs 19g of protein per serving. It’s our go-to smoothie for breakfast and post-workout 👌🏻

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A vibrant purple smoothie topped with whipped cream and a cookie, garnished with blueberries on a light, textured background.

Whether you just worked out or are looking for a delicious breakfast smoothie to make, I just know you’re going to absolutely love this blueberry cheesecake protein smoothie recipe of ours. It packs a whopping 19g of protein per serving thanks to our good friends cottage cheese and protein powder. It’s truly my favorite smoothie of the moment.

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If you’re wondering what this glorious, thick, milkshake-like smoothie tastes like…it’s just that! Think a slice of creamy blueberry cheesecake, but healthier! All the same flavors, but so much better for you.

Top view of a blender containing blueberries, yogurt, chia seeds, and protein powder on a light surface.

6 Ingredients You Need for this Smoothie

  • Frozen blueberries: we recommend either using frozen blueberries or freezing your own before making this smoothie because it helps to give the smoothie a thick, cold texture instead of being runny. Check out our tutorial for freezing berries!
  • Frozen banana: same thing here! Frozen banana > fresh nanner to ensure a thick, creamy texture. We also have a banana freezing tutorial!
  • Chia seeds: any kind of chia seeds work. The most common chia seeds you can find are black and white chia seeds. We’ve used both! Chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition and are packed with fiber and healthy fats. 
  • Vanilla protein powder: any vanilla protein powder will work. Check out some of our favorites below.
  • Almond milk: any kind of milk works! We like to use unsweetened almond milk, but feel free to use oat milk, soy milk, cashew milk, cows milk.
  • Cottage cheese: if you’re new around here, you may not know how much we LOVE blending cottage cheese for an added protein boost. It’s super creamy and delish in such a wide variety of dishes. Everything from our cottage cheese ice cream to our chocolate mousse cups and even a cottage cheese alfredo.
Pouring a fresh blueberry smoothie into a glass jar, surrounded by scattered blueberries on a wooden board.

High-Speed Blender Recommendations

High-speed blender is crucial to blending the cottage cheese into a creamy cheesecake consistency for this smoothie. Vitamix or the Beast are our two favorite blender brands. Just be sure you have a high-powered blender that will easily cream the ingredients together.

beast blender.

Our Favorite

Beast Blender

The Beast Blender is our go-to blender for smoothies, dips, soups, and everything in between. It’s the perfect size and moderately priced. Oh, and oh-so powerful!

What Kind of Cottage Cheese Should I Use?

We recommend using full-fat cottage cheese (2% or 4%) for this recipe for a few reasons:

  1. Texture: full-fat cottage cheese has less water/moisture, making the texture thicker and more like a milkshake.
  2. Taste: full-fat cottage cheese will give this a true cheesecake taste.
En person som holder en jordbæris foran en haug med jordbær.

Got leftover smoothie?

Make Smoothie Popsicles!

Smoothie popsicles are one of our finest meal prep hacks. Simply pour any leftover smoothie into a plastic popsicle mold and freeze for later!

A vibrant purple smoothie topped with whipped cream and crushed biscuits, served in a clear glass with a gold straw.

Our Top Tip for Smoothies

We’ve been making smoothies for decades, and there are two rules we always follow:

We highly recommend using frozen fruit over fresh fruit! Fresh fruit tends to emit more liquid than frozen fruit, making your smoothie more watery.

We also HIGHLY recommend avoiding ice, if possible. Ice also tends to produce a more water-y smoothie, plus, if you can achieve that thick and chilled texture by using nutrient-dense ingredients instead of ice, why wouldn’t you!?

Keep a stash of frozen fruit in you freezer at all times or freeze extra berries or fruit that you have at home for DIY frozen fruit.

You only need to freeze your fruit for 30-60 minutes for it to be smoothie ready, so no need to worry if you’re just popping your fruit into the freezer now! You’ll be off and running with a delicious smoothie in no time 😀

A vibrant purple smoothie topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed biscuits, served in a glass jar with fresh blueberries and a biscuit on the side.
4.91 from 10 votes

Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie Recipe

This super creamy blueberry cheesecake protein smoothie packs 19g of protein per serving thanks to blended cottage cheese, protein powder and chia seeds. It's our go-to smoothie for breakfast and post-workout 👌🏻
Prep: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
Servings: 2
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  • 1.5 cups frozen blueberries
  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • ½ tablespoon chia seeds
  • ¼ cup vanilla protein powder
  • ¾ cup unsweetened, plain almond milk, or more to taste
  • ½ cup cottage cheese


  • Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender.
    Top view of a blender jug filled with freshly blended purple smoothie, situated on a light-colored background.
  • Blend on high until smooth. If necessary, add more almond milk to thin it out or more frozen berries to make it thicker.
    Pouring a fresh blueberry smoothie into a glass jar, surrounded by scattered blueberries on a wooden board.

Tips & Notes

  • Options to add more almond milk by the ¼ cup depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothie.
  • Collagen powder works in place of protein powder.

Watch It

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”Qf0Uyvqx” upload-date=”2024-05-06T16:19:15.000Z” name=”Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie” description=”This super creamy blueberry cheesecake protein smoothie tastes just like your favorite blueberry cheesecake! Plus, it packs 19g of protein per serving. ” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]


Calories: 264 kcal, Carbohydrates: 37 g, Protein: 19 g, Fat: 6 g, Fiber: 6 g, Sugar: 21 g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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Photography: photos taken in this post are by Erin from The Wooden Skillet.

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May 31, 2024 5:06 pm

5 stars
The pic ain’t pretty but this sure was tasty! I love cottage cheese so am a big fan of the cottage cheese trend. This smoothie is delish but also healthy & filling. This recipe & variations of it will be on regular rotation in our kitchen.

May 27, 2024 3:17 pm

5 stars
Tastes like Summer!! A definite keeper in my rotation. I am always looking for extra protein and the cottage cheese makes this smoothie super creamy.

Taylor Byers
May 27, 2024 3:14 pm

5 stars
This smoothie is fantastic! Tastes just like a blueberry cheesecake and I love how it’s packed with protein! Graham cracker crumbs take it to the next level!

May 21, 2024 8:46 am

5 stars
Wonderful smoothie!! I love how fresh and light it is!!! The blueberries add just the right flavor. I would def recommend 🙂 I also added yogurt instead of cottage cheese and it still turned out amazing. Thanks so much!

Alison Peterson
May 20, 2024 8:44 pm

4 stars
Tasty smoothie! I didn’t add enough blueberries for the great color but my toddler daughter and I loved it!

May 20, 2024 12:31 pm

5 stars
My first smoothie with cottage cheese! Super pretty color and delicious. I would make this again and add spinach for a little veggie boost. I do think the cottage cheese upgrades the creamy texture.

May 19, 2024 11:13 am

5 stars
A great, creamy smoothie with extra protein to boot!

May 12, 2024 12:38 pm

5 stars
So yummy!

May 10, 2024 9:23 am

5 stars
Great recipe! I added greens so I didn’t get that vibrant color, but the taste was great! Think I’ll try it a little thicker next time and dip graham crackers for a treat!

May 9, 2024 7:50 pm

5 stars
Great tasting smoothie! Not a huge fan of cottage cheese but you can’t taste it at all. Added a little honey to the blender as well.