DIY Chai Spice Mix

Just because Spring is approaching doesn’t mean you have to nix all things winter. I love me a yummy iced chai or chai protein smoothie during the warmer months 😀 I decided to combine my chai spice resources into one chai spice powder for easy access. That way, I can have a sprinkle of chai here and there without going through the hassle of re-mixing the spices.

What do you need?

Make your own Chai Spice with just a few simple ingredients!

Now I can tuck my chai spices away with my baking supplies and keep the single chai spice mix handy and accessible!  

DIY Chai Spice Mix


I am a stickler for saving old spice containers…especially the ones I buy from Penzey’s. They are really high quality and glass. You never know when you might make your own mix 😀 See! I came in handy for once… 

I am planning on posting one of my favorite snacks next week, with a chai twist. Any guesses from the photo below?

DIY Chai Spice Mix

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DIY Chai Spice Mix
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  1. Mix all ingredients together. Store in a small spice container.

Here are 10 more “summery” chai recipes (healthy & not-so-healthy) that I can’t wait to make with my new spice mix!

  1. Iced Chai Tea Latte via Big Girls Small Kitchen
  2. Chai Popsicles via Spelonca
  3. Coconut Vanilla Chai Milkshake via The Diva Dish
  4. No-Bake Chai Cheese Pie via Taste of Home
  5. Overnight Chai Steel Cut Oats via This Homemade Life
  6. Chai Breakfast Smoothie via Simple Dish
  7. Apple Chai Pancakes via the Healthy Maven
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  9. Chocolate Chai Tea Cupcakes via Shape Magazine
  10. Vanilla Chai Smoothie via Run Pretty Blog

Have any fun summery chai recipes? Share em in the comments!

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  1. says

    Chia Tea used to be my rocket fuel. I always used to get a soy chia at the gas station next to my boarding school during high school!! Ha! That was before I knew or cared about nutrition or had ANY of my stomach problems! NowI know better and… Will DIEEEEEEEE if I drink soy. LOL! But this spice mix can STILL work its way into my life! :)

  2. Amanda says

    do you know what allspice could also be known as? trying to think if there is any international equivalent.
    I happen to be in love with chai, and making my own would save me so much money! #poorstudent

  3. Luciana Torous says

    I made this recipe and found the spices to float around my cup and had a gritty texture, did I do something wrong? Other than that, taste was fantastic!

    • Elle says

      Try running the blend through a coffee bean grinder or spice grinder for a finer texture. I find it helps. I can even grind up green tea leaves for a matcha powder consistency. I am making this chai right now, I’m in love with the flavour but the coffee shops add too much junk to it so I’ve haven’t had in the longest time. :)

  4. angie says

    about how much of the chai spice do you use in a recipe? like how many teaspoons would you add to a quick bread or muffin recipe?

  5. Clara says

    I just made this Chai mix and love it! I upped the cardamom in mine as that’s my favourite flavour. I’ve made a hot chocolate with it and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I hope to find many more uses for it now!

  6. Bec says

    Made this today but added 1/2 tsp fennel seeds to the mix. Put it in my almond milk hot chocolate and added a bit of vanilla essence at the end, delicious!! Thanks for such a great recipe! I love spice blends!!!


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